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Mose Environmental Services has been providing career-enhancing, revenue-generating Certifications to technically trained  individuals since 1995.   

Student requirements are simply to have a high school education – no prior training is necessary – and a reason to earn a part-time or full-time income.   Whether you are looking to begin a new career, or to enhance your home inspection business, Mose Environmental Services provides the training you need.

We certify over 100 students per year, by using small class size and convenient scheduling.  In these classes, we provide the basic science of the contaminant that is to be tested, demonstrate the equipment, and provide the methodology of environmental report writing. Students from across the U.S. participate in the classes from 1-4 days, depending upon the certification.   Using clearly written study materials, and clear teacher presentations, we find that 90% of the students pass the official Certification exams the first time. 

MEASUREMENT OF INDOOR RADON IN AIR AND WATER (Classes available in Northern Virginia or by correspondance)

The US-EPA recommends that when a home is purchased, the airborne indoor radon should be measured, and it should measure less than 4 pCi/L, because indoor radon is known to cause lung cancer. Certified radon measurement professions provide this measurement service, at about $150/home. The US-EPA also recommends that if a home has well water, the waterborne radon should be measured. In mountain states like the Appalachian Mountains, many homes are served by high-radon homes. Water measurements typically also cost about $150. At the successful completion of the course, we provide a Successful Completion Certificate, which enables the student to join the nationally active National Radon Safety Board.

Course fee: $300 - $400

MITIGATION OF INDOOR RADON (includes measurement Certification) (Classes in Northern Virginia)

The USEPA approved method of preventing the entry of radon from soil is sub-slab ventilation, which usually reduces indoor radon to less than 2 pCi/L. This method is also used to reduce basement dampness, and to clean soil contaminated with heating oil. Certified Mtigation Specialists charge about $1000/home (actual cost = PVC pipe + exhaust fan + wire, which costs about $200). Mose Environmental Services provides the course and the Successful Completion Certificate, which allows the student to join the national Radon Safety Board.

Course Fee: $600                                                           


Mold can form in any home where the interior humidity is above normal. Given time (e.g., owner lives elsewhere, owner misses payments and abandons home), mold can grow and mold spores (microscopic seeds) float out into the air, eventually causing eye, nose, and other allergenic reactions.  Owners want a mold-free home, as do mortgage lenders. We explain the science of mold growth, the use of equipment to measure mold spores, and report writing. Also, homes can contain asbestos fibers, usually from asbestos-containing floor tiles and insulation. The USEPA promotes asbestos-free air in homes. Certified mold and asbestos inspectors charge $200-$400 for a typical inspection.  Certification is from Mose Environmental Services.

Course fee: $300



Drinking water provided by a water treatment facility is, by law, very clean. However, well water needs to be tested for bacteria, dissolved fertilizers and dissolved metals to make sure it is safe to drink. Also, soil around a home can be contaminated, most commonly by home heating oil and metals that entered the soil from previous negligent use of the property. A trained person can measure water and soil contaminants. Certified water and soil inspectors charge $100-$1000 for an investigation.  Certification is from Mose Environmental Services.

Course fee: $300


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